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AI Radio - video game music & many other more...

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Real Hi-Fi internet radiostation, Hi-End broadcasting for audiophile.

Our favorite genres

Demoscene, Tracker & KeyGen music, VideoGame & Arcade-Console music, Game OST, VGM, Score, Chiptunes, 8bit, 1bit, Low-fi, C64, VG Remix, Electronic, IDM

Last news several days silent - reanimated after several days silent ! tech problems fixed!!! enjoy)) start youtube channel online broadcast in AAC 320 youtube channel - AAC 320

Enjoy )))

2017.09.12on air again after two days tech maintenance

two days of silent is over working again ;)

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Listen AI-Radio in any formats!

Minimalistic player html5 page or choose stream from this list

Play any suitable stream
codec bitrate ch stream link format meta tags m3u xspf html5 play
OGG Vorbis 128 * 44.1kHz stereo +++ m3u xspf
OGG Vorbis 256 * 44.1kHz stereo +++ m3u xspf
OGG Vorbis 320 * 44.1kHz stereo +++ m3u xspf
Opus 64 48kHz stereo m3u xspf
Opus 128 * 48kHz stereo +++ m3u xspf
Opus 320 * 48kHz stereo +++ m3u xspf
AAC 128 44.1kHz stereo + m3u xspf
AAC 320 44.1kHz stereo + m3u xspf
AAC+ 48 44.1kHz stereo + m3u xspf
mp3 192 44.1kHz stereo + m3u xspf
FLAC 44 * 44.1kHz stereo +++ m3u xspf

AI Magic™ - heuristic streaming engine. Provide auto detection for stream requests. Just write as stream source in player. You can specify more wide formats and bit-rates anytime, just add this at any place in link. read more

Example:,,, - just same stream

Read more detailed info about AI-Radio streams

AI Radio IPv6 available

We are ready for IPv6

Our domain names have ipv6 resolving already, and all server available via ipv6, and any our audio stream available via ipv6

IPv6 audio stream - for checking!

IPv6 Ogg/Vorbis m3u xspf

IPv6 Ogg/Opus m3u xspf

IPv6 Mp3 m3u xspf

Be sure what you have IPv6 already! You can use this domain name for check it. Or raw ipv6 address http://[2a00:1630:2:1004::1]

AI Radio - Radio broadcasting, our time

Technical information

We prefer play lossless audio & original video games, trackers, chip sound formats:
FLAC, WAV, DSF, DSDIFF, wavpack, APE, BRSTM, [sidplay] sid mus str prg P00, [gme] ay gbs gym hes kss nsf nsfe sap spc vgm vgz [modplug] 669 amf ams dbm dfm dsm far it med mdl mod mtm mt2 okt s3m stm ult umx xm AI Radio non-commercial radio

We are non-commercial radio

AI Radio - non-commercial radio. We don't have any advertising on radio at all. Jingle & Slogans free radio-station! Don't have any rotation, limits, ugly rules, etc. We love to play our music as we like. We don't try to seek popularity. We non-profit radio and working just for fun. Enthusiasm powered. - for real geeks

Underground console folk art

Warm tube sound guaranteed under terminal only:) Don't use any gui audio players - all of them is garbage! Use true way for real geeks only, like listed below!

Our auditorium - Our auditorium map Top 100 listeners

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